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Mini-ITX Motherboard

Mini-ITX Motherboard Mini-ITX Motherboard Mini-ITX Motherboard
Product name : Mini-ITX Motherboard
Item : ITX-M65
Details :
Computer motherboard(ITX-M65)
Amd N330 dual-core 2.3G
Mini-ITX Motherboards

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1.Computer motherboard.
2.2COM+VGA+VGA pins+HDMI+HDMI pins+LVDS +1DDR3 DIMM+2PCIEx1+2SATA+8USB2.0+DC power .




Chipset: Amd RS880M + SB820M express chipset

Processor: Amd N330 dual-core 2.3G processor board

Front side bus: 2.5GT/S

System memory: 1 DDR3 notebook memory slot, maximum support to 4G

BIOS:AMI BIOS, support call starting function

ACPI: support ACPI power management

I/O interface:

MinipciE interface: 2 PCIEx1 support WIFI, solid state disk

SATA:2 SATAIII, support 6GB/S and downwardly compatible

Serial port: 2 port COM, COM1/2:RS-232 mode ( board pin )

USB interface: 8 USB2.0 ports ( 4 on the rear panel, the 4 board pin )

Network interface: 1 RTL8111E 10/100/1000M card, support diskless RPL or PXE guidance, support WOL


ATI HD4200 ( enjoy smooth high-definition playback, support for DirectX11, OpenGL4.0, OpenCL1.1, UVD3 )

Display interface: VGA interface, and the expansion of VGA output interface ( 2*5 row seat is connected with the decoding board )

The HDMI interface, and the expansion of HDMI output interface ( 2*8 row seat )

LVDS interface ( single 6 double 6 single 8 Dual 8 LCD screen )

VGA+HDMI or VGA+LVDS asynchronous double display

Sound card:

ALC662 HD sound card

Line out, MIC

Provide front audio header




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