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Linux thin client

Linux thin client Linux thin client Linux thin client Linux thin client
Product name : Linux thin client
Item : FOX-300VH
Details :
thin client(FOX-300VH)
Linux OS Model FOX-300VH,thin client,pc station,thin pc
PC Share/Terminal

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Built-in RDP 7.1 protocol,model FOX-300VH supports 1080P HDMI video locally in the server OS.

Model Number FOX-300VH
Framework ARM-A9
Processor Dual Core 1.5Ghz
Built-in OS Embedded linux 2.6 OS
RAM 512MB(can extend to 1G)
Video VGA Resolution 800*600/1024*768/1366X768/1440*900/1280*1024/1280*720/1920*1080
HDMI Resolution 1280*720/1920*1080(MAX)
USB port USB2.0 port×3
Storage 512MB flash
External Storage 4G TF Card (by default)
Upgrade Firmware Update
Physical Dimensions (mm) 164×116×32MM
WeightG 200g
Power supply DC 5V/2A
Energy consumption Static Power less than 5W,Maximum Power less than 7.5W
Video Support maximum 1080P HD video(exist on server already) from server The user can install the player in the server first.
Protocol RDP 7.0
External port HDMI, VGA, USB*3, RJ45, Power supply port,Switch port
Working Temperature -20 ~50℃
WIFI Optional


1) No local OS,only remote control.

2) Quick connection speed.

3) Support 32 bit color in the server.

4) Support playing 1080P HD movie in the local server. (Support streaming video in the local storage)

5) To adjust the resolution automatically according to the monitor.

6) Support MIC&SPEAKER in Server OS windows 7&2008.

7) Support multi-language keyboard,such as France,Janpanese,Arabic etc.

8) Server OS support Windows Server 2000/2003, windows 2008/windows XP/ Windows 7 professional/Vista.


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